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Govt. Awards :

Star Category Unit of U.P. Govt.

Best EnterpenuershipAward 1989-90

Status of Company :
Shiv Kumar Goyal , B.A. (Pb.), A.C.A (Delhi)
Vinod Goyal, B.Sc.(Pb.), L.L.B (Delhi), Diploma in Import & Export(Delhi)
Akshat Goyal, B.Tech (IT)

Quality Control :

Inhouse ISI (Buereau of Indian Standards) & FCO (Fertilizer Control Order) Approved Laboratory, Modern Equipments for Instrumental/Gravitational Analysis of all elements.

Technology :

Ultra Modern Chilling Process (New CCP Technique which ensures purity of Chemicals) Factory Building of 5000 sq. mt. with 50000 sq. mt. of farmland for farm testing.

ISI Certification

CM/L No.1686368 under IS 8249 (Grade for Zinc Sulphate)